By Nick Zbikowski

LeBron James Aka King James according to most of his social media accounts, is all over social media posting almost every day. With over 33.6 Million followers on Twitter and only following 169 Its safe to say he is famous on twitter.

He is also very active on Instagram as well. He has 26.5 million followers and only fallows 110. He posts quite often here too with over 1,311 posts. His Instagram is more famous than his Twitter getting hundreds of thousands of likes. Making his Instagram even more famous than his Twitter!

On LeBrons Instagram it seems to be more about his family and his personal life and less about advertising. unlike his Twitter where there is a lot about shoutouts, promotions and commercials.

On both sites he does not really interact with the fans. He will answer to very little of the comments and if he does it will only be one that is something to show good publicity.

Looking over both social media engines it looks like his it could be a mixture of both him and someone posting for him. You see a lot on Instagram of his personal life especially the live stories you can now post. But you can also see all of the promotions being put on his feeds too.

On twitter it is mostly looking like someone does the posting for him because of the lack of answers, and the amount of promotions. On the other hand his Instagram has pictures of his family especially his sons playing basketball. I personally have seen some of his live stories of him after the championship. where he was on his yacht jumping off the balcony into the water. Even stories of him eating breakfast, talking into the phone.

Overall his MO on Instagram is a mixture of personal life and promoting his shoes or other videos. For Twitter he mostly focuses on good publicity and showing his fans he cares and the things outside of basketball that he does. Helping out in the community and giving back.