Why visions might kill your tech-business

Being visionary is a key ingredient in succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Or so I thought. I’ve always worked with people with ideas and visions. People figuratively being on the moon and flying around in their space ships in a universe of ideas. I’ve always been the complete opposite of that. I’m looking one task ahead and I never think any further. I’m not visionary at all.

My experience in the tech-business is one hell of a ride, and I’ve seen and learnt things. The most phenomenal is vision. The most visionary tech-people are the most ignorant and hopeless entrepreneurs. So hopeless that they will fail with their business.

My observations

The most visionary tech-people think too long in the future. They gear up on servers to handle an irrationally high number of visitors, but they actually only serve a hundredth or thousandth of the capacity. Servers are expensive ..

They set a deadline. They are good entrepreneurs, so it’s probably a solid and realistic deadline. But then comes the visions and take focus.

We just have to change this, and that. And while we are at it, can we install this?

They sometimes also lack the skill of not buying unnecessary things. That could be some kind of advertising object. A banner for an event, stickers for the car or an expensive WordPress plugin, that I could find a free better alternative for in 10-minutes.

The science behind all this

Insights Discovery wheel

The “Inspirer” category is filled with visionary people. Often they lean towards motivator with their drive and enthusiasm towards building a great company. And that is also why they can’t be entrepreneurs on their own. As a fact, it is more important to stay on track as a entrepreneur than live in a world of dreams. The entrepreneurs being focused on results, has discipline and plans their work, are in my experience the most successful entrepreneurs. They execute their plan and thrives towards making a successful company — but one step at a time. They release a minimum-viable-product (MVP) and builds on top of that; a feature at a time.

That being said ..

Entrepreneurs being too organised and disciplined might fail as well, since they are unable to think out of the box and create something unique.

It’s still better to create a boring MVP, than taking too long to create the perfect product. Most successful products are MVP’s, still being built on top of. The original facebook didn’t have walls or newsfeeds (Source), and look what facebook can do today.

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