(Hopefully) Success Always Starts With Failure

But failure still sucks

A month ago I released an iOS app called Lovely which also marked my first attempt in the App Store as indie developer after losing my job at the end of 2014. Then I shared a story of why I made the app and how I tried to market it. Two weeks after launching it, I released another app called Deep for iPhone. Then I went on holiday to see foxes.

I knew my apps were not doing great from the analytics reports. But I know now how bad they are from the financial reports from Apple. It's been a while since I received financial reports email from Apple since I didn't have my own apps in the App Store when I was still working at the company. So here it goes. On my first month in the App Store, I earned 4875 JPY (~40 USD). I spent 150 USD on Facebook ads, 20 USD for domains, and 3000 USD for 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display. People said success and failure are relative. But I'm pretty sure this is a failure.

It is just a month but it feels devastating nevertheless. I wonder how my failure fare against successful people when they just started. Anybody care to enlighten me? Sometimes I feel like that aspiring musician who sings at the city corner where people just pass me by.

I still have some app ideas I want to make. Some are big ideas that (probably) solve real problems. Some are tiny apps that (most likely only) solve my problems. Big apps take time to make. In the mean time, the next app I will submit to App Store is a little app that will make your camera roll looks retro. Interested to try? Sign up here.