One Week App Making Challenge

Nico Prananta
Dec 11, 2015 · 3 min read

I just moved to Switzerland. The moving process had been time and energy consuming that by the time I finally had time to sit in front of my Mac with internet, I lost track of what I had done and what I should be doing. And that’s when Chris Wood suggested making 1 app every week. And I thought it’s a brilliant idea.

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One week is a very short time to make an app. So I have to make it as simple as possible. With that in mind, for the first week, I decided to make a Mac app to solve one of my problems which I have always solved using ImageMagick’s command line: creating photo strips. To concatenate two or more images, I used to open Terminal and use the following command.

convert +append image1.jpeg image2.jpeg output.jpeg

+append argument is used to join the images horizontally, while -append argument is to join the images vertically. There are more arguments to change the background color, spacing between images, etc. But I could never remember and always ended up googling them.

Introducing Nori Photo Strips Creator for Mac

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Nori for Mac icon

Nori solves exactly the problem I mentioned above. To use it, you only need to drag images from Finder and drop it to Nori’s window. It will instantly create a photo strip. User can then easily change the layout (horizontal and vertical only for now), change the background color, and change the spacing between images.

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Once images are imported to Nori, user can drag and drop more images to make a longer photo strip. User can also remove an image from the strip and re-order the images by dragging them.

User can also create photo strip directly from Finder contextual (right click) menu. Simply select some images, right click, Services, and click Create Photostrip.

To create the photo strip, simply press ⌘S (Command+S) to open the save dialog.

Nori works with most image types including EPS.

Nori for Mac demo

As you can see from the image below, I created the project on December 7 and uploaded to the iTunesConnect on December 11. Less than a week :)

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Nori for Mac will be available on the Mac App Store once it’s approved. Follow me or my apps account on Twitter to get notified when it’s released. If you think you need this app and want to try it before it’s released on the Mac App Store, let me know. 😎 You can also check out here to read some technical stuff I learned while developing Nori.


Nori for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store. Check it out! :)

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