Prompt #2: The People’s Opinions Shape the Debate on Police Brutality

Out of almost all of the police brutality cases that has occurred, the media has become a large part of each case, by spreading the controversy throughout the country. On the case dealing with the death of Alfred Olango, the main trend of comments tended to side with Olango by saying that what the police did was unjust, and was handled the wrong way. Olango was walking back and forth through a parking lot of a shopping center. The police said that Mr. Olongo was acting “erratically” and was posed as a threat by not complying with their orders. He then pulled his smoking vape out of his pocket, and the police officer proceeded to shoot. They described Olongo as being in a “shooting stance” when all he was doing was pulling out his vape. One comment said, “Listing the arrest record of Mr. Olongo has no bearing on losing his life, while unarmed. Did the police that were first on the scene have knowledge of his arrest record and did the knowledge promote the use of deadly force? There was or should have been a better way to restrain Mr. Olango instead of killing him.” Most people replied in favor of Olongo to a certain extent. Most people argued that Olango was doing criminal behavior, but he did not deserve to be shot and killed. They also believed that knowing Olongo’s arrest record would help decide whether he is innocent or not. Others believe that it is important to know the arrest records because it tells how you react in a given situation. In the video, you can tell that the officer reacted pretty quickly to taking his gun out, instead of trying to calm down Olongo. This shows that the officer was showing racial profiling, because the police thought he was suspicious because of the color of his skin. All of the reactions in the comments shape the debate. They all have the common theme of how police brutality has been increasing, and it effects the lives of many.

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