I grew up 10 km away from the East German border and the cold war was obviously very present. I never thought we’d see a war in Europe again. Putin as obviously lost his mind. This war is terrible for the Ukraine and for Russia. The people of Ukraine are incredibly brave and I sincerely hope that they can withstand the attacks until diplomacy leads to an end of this war.

How Volodymyr Zelensky Galvanized Ukraine and the World
From unlikely candidate to wartime president, Zelensky’s choices amid Russia’s invasion have been seen as having already altered history.

What If Russia Loses?
Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a strategic blunder by invading Ukraine. He has misjudged the political tenor of the country, which was not waiting to be liberated by Russian soldiers

How civilians are supporting Ukraine’s war effort
From feeding troops to answering hotlines, volunteers are mobilizing for the war effort in Ukraine.

Putin Accidentally Revitalized the West’s Liberal
The Russian president thought he sensed an opportunity to take advantage of a disunited West. He has been proved wrong.

Crypto Enthusiasts Are Bullish on the War in Ukraine
For some crypto holders, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an opportunity⁠ — and a validation of their increasingly radical beliefs.

Enjoy Sunday! (I know, it sounds bittersweet.)



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