Why do you write using WE instead of I ?

The majority of individual writers use “we” instead of “I”. Why is that?

#False modesty

You attribute your good work to the genius who composes the other part of the “we”.

#Majestic plural

You miss the late 12th century when the use of a plural pronoun referred to a single person holding a high office, such as a sovereign.


You are scared by the responsibility implied by “I”. If your writing is bad, there is no “we” to protect you from critics.

#Social norm

You simply follow the social norms because everyone do that.


You are schizophrenic and you think that you are two or more in your head.

#Social legitimacy

You think that the group implied by “we” will reinforce your legitimacy.

#Grammatical errors

You don’t know that when you speak for yourself you have to use the first person singular.


You lie because according to the Harvard Business Review “A person who’s lying tends to use “we” more”


You dare to speak for others without their consent.


You think that society is greater than individual and the latter should express himself through the group.

Speak for yourself ;)

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