How I created 16 natural non-toxic (clean) skincare products. And now I’m passing the formulas on to you.

  • Note: I will not be talking about the importance of clean products as I assume since you are here reading this you already know the importance.
  • Note: I know the term “natural” is many different things, some negative some positive. In this case I use the term to convey nuance.

Not sure where to start, I guess at the beginning.

In 2013 I read a piece in the NY Times about the dying of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia caused by bleaching. Warming temperatures are a main factor but another one which took me by surprise was: Sunscreen! Specifically Chemical sunscreen like oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone. I was in my sophomore year of college studying physics when I decided to take a semester off to work on this problem. So from my San Francisco apartment I began to work on a “non-toxic” skincare. To be clear, from the beginning the goal was never to make a bunch of money but rather to help start a movement of clean personal care products.

So on a chilly December morning in 2013, after deferring college I scraped up $2000 and got to work. But BIG PROBLEM. There was little to no resources. Textbooks were impossible to find, and when I did they cost $750! Why! Sure there are tons of “Make natural skincare” books that range from $2–$20 and yes I bought them. But they tell you how to blend oils and I was looking for something more substantial.

Just a bright eyed kid staring into an abyss of information

So I did what any 20 something year old in the midst of a information revolution would do — I scoured the internet. I pulled from blogs, forums, chemist websites, and even *ahem may or may-not have “borrowed” research papers from a certain website. It’s for the planet and the people!

So a few friends and I started a company, PARADIS BASICS.

Jessie Cathy for Paradis Basics

If you know us and have purchased from us before thank you so much for your support. We did well. Lauren Conrad bought our lip balm for her mom on mothers day, she loved it so much she put us in People Magazine. We were reviewed in Byrdie Beauty and stocked in many design oriented stores around the country. We have since gone back to school, for (me) Computer Science, (Molly)Data Science, and (Cassye) Event Planning.

By now you might have gone to our site and have seen our prices. Like I said, we were not in it to make a bunch of money. We had high prices and focused on good design so we could target the taste makers, which in a product’s life cycle, they are the ones who help usher in new products and ideas to the main stream masses. Every dollar we had we plowed right back into trying to affect change. A lot of people helped us start this change from the media side to the formulaic side as well, and thank you all so much. The ball is now rolling very well, and there are so many clean skincare companies emerging. We are so happy we were at the ground level of this new movement.

But we can do more! What a better way than to democratize skincare by giving the formulas to the people! Open Source. High prices and lack of resources is why I am writing this. We have worked really hard on these formulas, and they may just be a starting point or end point for some of you. They have been reviewed by a lab although I encourage that you do preservative testing and allergy testing. We are not responsible for any negative reactions of the formulas. These are being put up merely as a resource. Please do lots of testing (no animals).

Includes: Face Oil, Hand Cream, Body Cream, Lip Balm, 2 Face Creams, Hyaluronic Acid Serum (100x), De-puffer serum, Essence, Face Cleanser, Body Cleanser, Hand Cleanser, AHA + BHA Mask, Toner, Bar Soap, and Under Eye Serum.

Ok here you go. Our Pièce de Résistance.

– Nicolas Y. Crozier


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