Our God

Why Capitalism will never die or live.

The anxious need moral certainty to mesh with their financial and social interests, coincidentally. (Intentional convenience). Foregoing the impotency and paucity of reason for an evolutionary volition toward imperialism both meta and micro. (intra nucleic and inter societal). The autocratic disposition, the will to power, seething out from the very pores of both the oppressed and their masters. (Sick co-dependency).

Hold sacred the scarce moments of connectedness and intimacy of mind(s) boiling in the ubiquity of manufactured substance and wish factory yearnings. What lives behind the happy face of commercialism or the behemoth of modern intrigue and avarice? Who but an insipid and confused wrath!

Us, the feigns, chasing the dry carrot on the stick, assuaged and coaxed by the free market paradigm, invigorated by the past entropies of failed Marxism’s and monarchs. Unimaginable even a future system to usurp this GOD, this deity of plundered treaures and subsequent inheritences obfuscated by the rigid ambiguity of merit and deservedness. Untold droves of debutantes who wield and never yield to the perpetuity and sheer inertia of self assured happy seeking.(The supreme lustre of competition). The evolutionary mandates of pleasure and consummation panting and sweating on a hedonic treadmill, vapid zombies(our zeitgeist).

Behold the post-ideological super ideology entranced by the hypnotic drone of purchase and the ensuing fear orgy. Contemplate the algebraic momentum of fetishisms’ all adorned in a regal garb that embody natures’ omni lateral process of self initiation.

Human life is a canary who sings itself praise while stretching its wings into a fatal flight. It is bat shit ensconced in a golden vessel, tithing light from the whites of eyes. It is the artifice of a pious ideation trickling down through the profane ranks of guerrilla authoritarianism. It is a mafia of all that is absurd coupled with the illusory aspects of self-legislation and tactical coitus. The sheer depth of our rancor and individual tribalism manifesting itself in religious attrition, a contrived need takes precedence. A bottom is endless in an a abyss, so goes our need for security, for assurity, for the sadism of systems.

Alone in the desert, the ego’s mirage of immortality becomes absorbed in the heat blurred hue of Osiris’ neon feathers. Money will kill us all.