Rails is amazing. Not only does it let you utilise what is undoubtably the sexiest programming language on earth (name omitted due to obviousness) — it also lets you be productive in that language. Totes amaze.

If you’ve never heard the gospel according to Heinemayer Hansson I’m afraid this article isn’t for you. This is the first post in a series covering how I work with Ruby on Rails, and it assumes that you have some experience with Rails. If you do not, then there really are better ways to spend your time.

This series will tackle all kinds of subject matter: which programs I use to edit and test code; how I structure code running client-side; which gems I employ for solving common problems; which application servers I prefer (hint: It’s Passenger. Not the singer-songwriter, although he’s pretty cool as well.) and how I set them up with nginx/apache; which bear gifs I prefer to leave in as easter eggs — the list goes on. …


Nicolay Hvidsten

Internet hero.

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