24 Hours Series: London Town
Kelsey Robinson

Hi Kelsey,

If you have some more time to spare on your next London trip, you can visit Camden Market (undergroundstations Camden Lock or Mornington Crescent). It has a lot of international eatingstands, craftsmenshops and a really young vibe.

From there you can easily go to Primrose Hill, where you can have a fab view of London. Regent’s Park and London Zoo are all within hikingdistance.

To the Southeast you have Greenwich; the place where the GMT is situated. Funny to stand in other timezones & it is located on a hill, surrounded by a green park.

One of my favourites is Tate Modern: a rennovated building next to the Millenium Walk Bridge, that offers a nice view over the river Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral (and a lot of other well known buildings). There you can have a decent meal or just a drink. Each time I visit London, I’m checking in for the view and at night it’s even better to sit, eat and watch everything).

Hope you further enjoy exploring Europe & keep writing your experiences (they are fun to read).

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