Do Something Fun

Originally I was going to go to a ramen festival held at the Mill City Museum with a friend, but then it started to rain. Luckily, my friend was a CA at Middlebrook so we talked for a bit and then played an intense game of ping pong.

Mind Map (image)

I did my mind map by hand first because I feel that my thoughts have a more fluid flow when I do something physically before I do it digitally.

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes


Posture can impact an individual physically, contributing to back pain and gait in addition to impacting an individual with regards to their nonverbal communication. Posture is often an underrated part of our well being, and people often neglect to take care and maintain proper posture.

Sensory deprivation therapy

I think a theme of sensory deprivation therapy would be interesting to explore because it offers a substitute for ailments that are traditionally being treated by chemical medicine. It has the potential to reduce stress along with freeing the mind, which is a large aspect of mental health and wellness. It can also help with physical pains as seen with the use of float tanks. Additionally, it is not a well known field to the general population so bringing it to light might help refer patients to the emerging field.

Green space

As humans immerse themselves in more urban and artificial environments, the amount of interaction with natural areas decreases. This theme is aimed at tackling that problem with respect to the urban population. Green spaces can help with stress reduction among other things.

10 Silly Ideas

Tush Push Chair —A sharp way to shape up
Google Moss — greener and more pretentious than Google Glass
Meditation Zoner — ouch and ohm never looked so good!
Limmie Skinny — yanking the grub out of chub
Bubble Blue — when you chew, watch out for the blue!
Butterfingers — it slips up so you don’t have to
Smugeen — Everyone should know you only shop organic, non- GMO and local
Robi Lemon Pants — Robi the tech yogi
Shock Bit — it will get you running in a ZAP!
Bat Attack — Batman vs. Superman for modern medicine
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