Timeline for this assignment

My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

The new warm up game that I came up with is called “Cat and Mouse”. Essentially, one person puts their hand up by their head to mimic ears and saw “squeak”. Then they make eye contact with another person and say squeak with the same motion. Person 2 then responds “squeak” and looks to another person and so on. Then, at any moment, the person who has the “squeak” can say “Oh no, a cat!”. Then person who called says “I am going to hide [name a place to hide]”. Then the whole circle says one by one where they are going to hide. Once it has made it through the whole circle, the person who cried cat starts the squeaking again.

Session Organization

Austin is a junior from Illinois who is studying biology. Erin is a junior studying nursing and has run several half marathons and has also had sprained ankles and other running- related injuries. Katie is a senior studying sociology and history. She played volleyball in high school and has wrist issues now. Sydney is a sophomore who likes to hike and is a marketing major.

We met at a meeting room in my sorority house on Sunday. We had pizza and cookies and then did around 20 minutes of warm up games. These games included red ball (a favorite), the action game, the cat and mouse game that I came up with and and wah. We then brainstormed for 10 minutes following the brainstorm format that we did in class. Then I stopped them and we counted our ideas and I gave the sphiel about having an idea per minute. We went on for another 20 minutes. Then we spent around 10 minutes silently organizing the ideas that we came up with.

organizing our ideas

Sorting and Voting

We did silent sorting to put them in categories. We then penned in stars for the ideas that we liked. Each person was allowed to star five ideas. There were 22 categories in total. There were 18 ideas that were starred as seen in the table below.

organized ideas
categories. * = had votes in it
voted ideas. * = one vote

Top Ideas

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