Stand up?…..Maybe not

Shopping for a laptop stand should be an easy job, firstly you walk into a store or log onto a site like Amazon, pick the one you like for the price you can afford and then, after paying, walk out of the store with it/wait for it to arrive and then put your laptop on your brand spanking new stand

Only, as I have been finding out the past few days it isn’t that easy, or well it is if you have a Mac or some other such ‘i’ product. If you’re like and have a Chromebook or Windows laptop the process isn’t quite so easy.

When you look around for something that will fit the bill descriptions will often state ‘Designed for Macbook…’ or ‘Ideal for Macbook…’

No other type of computer exists apparently.

You would think it would be easier shopping for one on the high street as you should be able to take your own laptop with you to try differing stands for yourself. But no, it seems retail staff get a bit sniffy when you ask to try one for size, it’s almost an afront to them that you have something other than a Mac and that you would dare to bring it out in public (believe me using a Chromebook in the middle of Starbucks doesn’t half get some looks…and not good ones!) and that you would dare question their ‘assurances’ that your laptop will fit the stand (I have two discarded stands because of bad advice from salespeople who ‘assured’ me it would be ‘just fine’)

My problem here is with descriptions, and not just the fact that I can’t get a laptop stand which does the job, and how they are written and interpreted.

I don’t want to know if something is ‘Ideal for Macbook’ I want to know if it will also fit a 15 inch screen laptop (which just happens not to be a Macbook). Take the branding out of it, it’s just not necessary. And sales people…be imaginative, learn about the products you sell and it’s applications other than repeating what it says on the tin, consumers do actually rely on you for advice and guidance when they are purchasing products. In order for me to keep my professional membership up for my line of work I have to complete many hours of continuing professional development, the least you could do is do a bit of reading up and thinking outside the box in order to help the customer.

In the meantime my search for a laptop stand for my HP Chromebook continues and the stack of books will continue to act as a makeshift stand. So if you know of a decent stand out there for no more than 20 quick that will take a 15 inch HP Chromebook let me know!

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