Social Media: How it affects Personal Relationship

I find this a really interesting post and in particular the points you raised regarding the influence of social media when comparing our lives with other people and the impact on psychological wellbeing.

There was an article I read a while ago on this topic which discussed some of the negative effects of social media, and one of the key points was that the frequent use of social media could actually lead to depression, can damage self-esteem and mess with confidence. This happens when people who are monitoring the lives of others over social media begin comparing those lives with their own. Some people can begin to develop feelings of envy when they are constantly seeing how much better the other person’s life seems to be because it appears as if they have a better job or earn more money, or they go to more exciting places, or have these fantastic experiences or relationships with other people.

I suppose the easy answer is to just discontinue being friends with those people online if that’s how they make you feel, but what would stop the next online friend from stirring up those same feelings once again? And can you really escape social media’s influence and lure when, as you say, we are now more connected than ever?

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