The 5 Must Know Secrets of the Female Brain

So the mysteries of the female brain … a mystery often talked about but NEVER understood up until now.

Especially by men lol!

Here I start to help you with Noggin Knowledge to truly understand what’s happening in your brain. AND the most powerful thing that a lot of WHAT and HOW you feel isn’t down to YOU as such

Noggin Knowledge: We ALL begin as female’s the female brain is the DEFAULT setting. At 8 weeks testosterone is then released that starts the male brain development. The male and female genetic coding and the brain is 99% the same. That 1% difference affects EVERY single cell in our body, plus our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

^^^ So ALL of us start as WOMEN .. one to tell the husband lol!

Oh and to put to the urban myth bed: DO MEN HAVE BIGGER BRAINS?
The female brain is 9% smaller than the male brain and sits in a smaller cranium. So it’s all kinda proportional to the sized difference between men and women. But it has the same number of brain cells, just packed more tightly.
 As a result, women have the same “computational power” (i.e. grey matter cells) leading to the same I.Q. as men.
 ^^^ We can geek out therefore just as much as men

Geeking out … What are the Differences Between the MALE and FEMALE Brain?
Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC): It’s the centre that monitors social connection, such as friendships, relationships and what people think. It looks for connection, detects conflicts, makes judgements and supports decision making.
 Larger in women, plus more sensitised by oestrogen than in men and when testosterone is higher the social connection focus drops eg men going to their cave.
Impact: Women WORRY more about what people think, he said, she said I think they think.

Prefrontal Cortex (PFC): The human part of the brain and at the front of your forehead. This area rules emotions and stops you being just a reaction machine. It focuses you on HERE and NOW to help make good judgements It’s larger in women and matures faster in females than in males by one to two years.

Impact: Means you can stay grounded even in hard times.
 Do what needs to be done. Why girls mature faster than boys.

Amygdala: The brains monitoring and alarm system that constantly scans your environments via the senses. Keeping watch for threats, fear, and danger. Drives emotional impulses. Larger in men.
 Impact: Why men can be more prone to instant and emotive reactions to environments.

Hippocampus: The primary memory centre for long term events and the elephant that never forgets a fight, a romantic encounter,or a tender moment — and the emotions attached to it. Larger and more active in women.
Impact: As a woman you will REMEMBER those emotional moments in detail, what happened and and how you felt. e.g. even after 20 years I can remember the moment I first met my ex husband in uber detail.

Mirror-Neuron System (MNS): The “I feel what you feel” emotional empathy system. Gets in sync with others’ emotions and mirroring them by reading facial expressions and interpreting tone of voice and other nonverbal emotional actions.
 It is larger and more active in the female brain.
 Impact: More empathy for how others feel.

5 Secrets of the Female Brain:

1) Why bad habits are NOT your fault

All your habits are stored in the Basal Ganglia. The BG drives the routine activities to free up the Pre Frontal Cortex to do the thinky work. Good or bad the BG recognises, stores, repeats and replays patterns from environmental prompts.

So BAD HABITS are not YOU as such, again they are just how your brain works.

2) Why you comfort eat and it’s NOT your fault

You are programmed as a baby to seek comfort in food. You cried and your mum would feed you, sweet and satiating food. And that happened thousands of times. Comfort eating is just that programme playing AGAIN and AGAIN.

3) Why you fall off track and FEAR the NEW

Your brain LOVES prediction and response as it means SAFETY. So the NEW is a threat to safety and the brain will FIGHT against these changes. Hence you will go off track unless change is at YOUR pace.

4) Why your inner critic is so HARSH

Again your brain is designed for our SAFETY above all in a way it doesn’t care for us being happy just alive. So anything perceived of negative sticks like glue for survival.

5) Why ALL in with DIETS and TRAINING doesn’t work
 Too much too soon, that sends your brain into threat and worry.
 Your brain needs to find it’s own pace of change too fast or too slow won’t stick.

So there we go. The 5 Secrets of the Female brain … likely to be read by men all over the world lol!

More Noggin Knowledge to follow …