The Secrets to Being a Great Communicator and Speaking From Your Heart

We’ve all had those conversations that feel awkward, where we leave frustrated not saying the thing we want to. Then when we leave kicking ourselves that we didn’t say the THING we wanted.

Just nod your head if you’ve done that before.

Me for sure :-)

Total honesty

I had a relationship end recently, all of my choosing, as it wasn’t giving me what I wanted. So we had to have THAT conversation.

And I’ll be honest I put it off and put it off for so long. I wasn’t feeling brave and was worried about the outcome.

AND we ended up having that conversation, with me wearing a Christmas jumper, him looking like a fisherman and walking round a muddy field with his dog in the dark!!


The outcome wasn’t what I wanted but what I needed. All sounds cryptic BUT it reminded me that about the importance of speaking from your heart. To truly and courageously share your truth and how you feel.

Here’s what I learnt

So today I’m going to share how I’m not rewarded very well for speaking EVERYDAY in my work. In fact speaking is a HUGE part of my magic, so over time I’ve become a clear and confident heart speaker.

If you look at the meaning of the word communication it’s historical meaning comes from the verb to share. So today I wanted to share how I can help you become a sharing speaker.

1) What do you say to yourself?

What is the language of how you speak to yourself? Your words shape your world as they give your lens of how you see and view things. So be mindful of what the tone of your language is:
Is it overall positive?
Or is it negative?

These two different lenses will give a different view of the world.

Get started: Truly consider the tone that you’re seeing the world from and start to look for the positive in each day, retrain your brain for the positive.

2. What’s your intent?

The one thing you can control when your speaking from your heart is the intent behind what you’re saying. I invite you to always consider the intent behind what you’re saying. Is it coming from love with passion and care? Is it coming from anger and pain? They are polar opposite intents and will have different impacts on the people round you. Know, believe and trust in that intent.

Get started: Consider the intent when you speak from your heart and how you can always come from love, love for you first and then love and care for that person.

3.Stay in your own business

Focus on YOU when you speak from the heart, it all about you. You are sharing your truth from your heart. So focus on being in your own business and sharing your truth with who you think needs to hear it.

Get started: Start to know YOU, more and more through writing it down so you know YOUR own truth and can create prediction and response for yourself.

4. You don’t OWN the reactions of others.

Let go of how you want the conversation to go, you don’t OWN the reaction of the other person. Even those you love most you don’t control what they will say, think, feel or do. So let go of any expectation or outcome. Instead chose to be in the moment and truly live it and feel it.

Get started: Don’t shy away from the difficult conversations with those you love. You are then shying away from being the real you and showing up in the world as you.

5. Find your clarity

Before you go into a difficult conversation or speak from the heart get really clear on what you want to say. This creates prediction and response from a brain point of view and also helps you to calm your nerves. In the moment you might end up in reaction and your animal brain. This will help you truly get across what you want to say.

Get Started: Write down the main things you’d like to say, write out like a letter to that person. You don’t need to send it but it will unlock how you feel.

6. Watch your language

Before speaking to others think about the language you use in your self-talk. What are the words you say to yourself the most? Are they positive or negative? Our words and our language shape our beliefs, that shape our actions that then create our reality that we live in. This then reinforces our beliefs. So lots of should, woulds and coulds are much weaker for example then can, will and must.

Get started: Write down over a day the words you say to yourself the most, are they feeling good or bring you down? How could you be more speak more lovingly to yourself?

7) Speak from your heart with courage

Listen to your feelings, they are you truth and from your heart. The small voice that we don’t want to always listen to. The voice that nudges us to be brave, follow our hearts and live the life we truly want. It doesn’t always just follow the plan BUT our feelings really are the truth of what we want. You might know it as your gut instinct or intuition.

Get started: Start to trust yourself and listen to heart with small things, then build as you get more confident. Build that self esteem bank account.

And where does all this begin? 

Ready to make a change?

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