Kendall Jenner, why you stand like that?

Everyone’s mad because Vogue India put Kendall Jenner on its tenth anniversary cover and, obviously, it *should* be an Indian model, not Kendall Jenner, even tho everyone realizes Kendall Jenner is a good ROI cause of her fan base. Kendall Jenner is the most powerful person in fashion!!! Maybe.

The outrage is just, in my opinion, and I need to call out one additional point of contention:

Kenny, why you stand like that???

Of the editorial’s four images—plus one cover shot—three of them have Kendall in this hyper-arched stance, like it’s regular (it’s not).

Example №2:

Example №3:

And this isn’t the first occurrence. She also stood Like This in the Vogue Spain editorial that made all the ballerinas mad:

And here, in a recent issue of Harper’s, which I’m pretty sure was conflict-free:

Now, to be fair, this posture is kind of modeling 101 (hips forward, shoulders back makes clothes look good; it’s the same idea for runway walking) but I’m worried about 1. Her lower back and 2. Her reputation. (And I’m not even talking about the Pepsi thing! God, didn’t that go away fast? Jesus, Kendall, you get in and out of some sticky situations with the quickness.) I just hope to see some diversity in poses from Kendall Jenner, and some diversity in models that aren’t… solely Kendall Jenner.

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