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When I was younger a family friend used to grow runner beans in her garden, some of which would often make their way to our house. I remember always asking my mum if the beans we were about to eat were ‘Jean’s beans’ because they always tasted better than any others. That memory has long stayed with me, so I’ve always held this thought that home grown tastes better and fresher. Indeed, years later, I benefited from mum having an allotment and getting a supply of root vegetables, feeling content knowing that they were home grown, whilst enjoying the freshness of recently dug up produce.

For many years I’ve relied upon supermarkets for convenience but more recently am starting to think about how easy it is to follow convenience over conscience. Supermarkets offer cut-price food, which ultimately doesn’t benefit the farmer or the consumer because families are now wasting around 22% of the food that they buy and at least £700 a year.

Recently, I have signed up to a local veg scheme where I get a fresh supply of organic, seasonal, veg each week, produced by small farms close to London. I’m not just saying this — it tastes amazing. I know that it has been picked literally a day or two before I get it. It tastes better, has so many more nutrients and absolutely no chemicals, which is better for my health as well as the environment. As someone who is a keen believer that we need to look after our planet (as well as ourselves) it’s easy to see our current processes are unsustainable and that we need to think more locally.

So, @SouthFeastLDN is where I will be highlighting seasonal food and ways to cook it; shouting out to local food producers close to London and in the UK. We’ll look at the way our food is produced and the problems this causes to the environment and our health. It’s about arming ourselves, as consumers, with food knowledge to make better choices. But it’s also about celebrating food so we’ll be shouting about some of the amazing restaurants in my beloved pocket of London as well as other food related content which we think you might like.

Follow me and lets start thinking seasonally and appreciate all things food.






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