A Secret to a Successful Life: Surpassing Yourself

I might not know you personally, but I know you have probably set yourself some goals that seem too big for you. They were out of your comfort zone. Goals that you probably look at and wonder “How will I ever achieve this?” Your current situation does not reflect where you want to be. Your circumstances might even seem as if they are going against you. You might be on your way to that goal but you are losing motivation. Maybe you are even lost on the way. There is even a possibility you could have achieved a certain success but you are still not satisfied with your. I also know that the only solution for all of these situations is to surpass yourself.

To keep my story short, I used to be a karate instructor. I did martial arts for 15 years, I taught karate for 4 years. When I was a kid a while after I had started karate I wanted to become a karate instructor. But when I was a kid, my father abandoned me. He was supposed to pick me up at my mother’s house and I was waiting for him by the window. He never showed up…ever. I realized he was not coming back. My goal seemed too big for me. I used to think I wasn’t good enough. But at karate we had a saying that our goal was to become black belts and also better people. So that is how I started, I started by working on myself, on trying to become a better person. It was not easy, I was constantly fighting with myself. The fight was who I was versus who I wanted to be. I had to challenge myself and work hard. Eventually I succeeded and finally become a karate instructor. But not only was I an instructor, but in 2009 I was awarded leader of the year of my location and of my whole organization and in 2010 I was awarded top instructor of my location. I had surpassed my goal because I had surpassed myself. Now as a motivational speaker I help others to surpass themselves no matter their circumstances.

What is to surpass yourself you might ask. It is to grow beyond who you are and what you were once able to do. The expansion of your capacities and limits as well as your circumstances and goals.

You might be thinking alright I get it, I have to surpass myself, but how? It is actually much simpler than you think. See there are many ways to surpass yourself. There is no one mighty path to success, achievement, and fulfillment. There is no “how-to” for surpassing yourself. However, there are certain criteria you must follow. There are 3 laws you must obey. On my journey I have obeyed these laws and every person who has surpassed themselves and even achieved massive success has also. They are laws because if you do not obey them you will not surpass yourself. If you do obey these laws you will succeed.

These 3 laws are: Decision, Character, Challenge.

Law of Decision: If you want to change your life, you must make a life-changing decision. Success, self-mastery, and happiness are all decisions you make and so is surpassing yourself.

Law of Character: If you want to surpass yourself you absolutely must build your character. Not skills and methods but character.

Law of Challenge: To surpass yourself you must challenge your limits and do the things that nobody else does. You must constantly do more.

You must decide to grow as a person. It’s not an accident, it is deliberate. You must build your character and work on yourself. You must put yourself to the test and overcome difficulty. Most importantly we must all remember what matters in life. Your circumstances, what you get, and what you do are all irrelevant. The only thing that matters is your person. It’s not about where you’re from or what you’ve done, it is about who you become.

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