Make Life-Changing Decisions With Purpose

The decisions you make determine the direction you take. Life-changing decisions can be hard to make and even harder to commit to. However, if you want to change your life and surpass yourself you must make life-changing decisions. Imagine weighing 300 lbs. You go to the doctor and he says things are critical. He explains to you that you must either lose the weight or die. It’s decision time! Either you change your lifestyle or risk your life.

The danger is that certain things can block these decisions. One of these things is indifference. Indifference, not caring or not being attached, stops you from following through in these choices. It dulls decisions down. The remedy for this is obvious, learn to care. However, I’m not talking about the emotional caring. See feelings can be very volatile. Some people have emotional roller coasters. You could be talking with this person, making jokes, and having fun then have to leave the room, for one reason or another. When you come back the person is mad or sad. Others have an emotion flat line and seem to feel the same if there house burnt down or their new house was finished being built. No, the “emotional” caring is not what I’m suggesting. What I’m suggesting are motives, personal motives.

Personal motives sharpen your decisions. Decision mixed with indifference is like passing through the jungle, hacking through the plants with a butter knife. You cut away and simply give up at the challenge of the impossible feat. Decision backed by personal motives is cutting through the jungle with an extremely sharp machete. It’s much easier and more motivating to pass through the jungle of life with a machete the same way it’s easier to commit to a decision with personal motives.

Let’s make it even more personal. Imagine a person from your workplace stole a necklace that belongs to you. Let us even assume you know the person. Let’s also assume that the necklace is a very cheap one that you one day found lying on the floor. See if it was nice you might get mad or sad. You might even get into a heated argument with the thief. But what if that necklace was the last thing your mother (or any loved one) gave you on her deathbed. Now there is no argument, it’s a fight. Whatever decision you make you are much more motivated to follow through. I don’t encourage you to go around and fight people, although I am saying make it personal. Have your own personal motives for whichever decision you make.

See the difference between abandoned New Year Resolutions and life-changing decisions is that the latter have personal motives. These motives burn the fire that fuel your choices. Finding solutions to obstacles and committing to them becomes much easier. So make sure you analyze your motives. When you make life-changing decisions find the reason WHY. Like a great speaker once said “The stronger the WHY, the easier the HOW.” And always remember it’s about who you become.

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