On the road again

Clover Lucky (’83 Westfalia) and Lucky 8 Ball (’98 Pathfinder) ride again…

Reunited at last…. ❤

I flew from Mexico to Canada last week, worst flight of my life with a super angry little toddler, way too much luggage (including a dog) and no help for 17 hours of travel. Call me a spoilt little princess but FUCK THAT SHIT I am never doing it alone again, EVER. So I guess that means I’ll be up here in Canada freezing my balls off for the foreseeable future, whatevs. At least I’m back with my man again, and like it or not he is stuck with me. I think he kinda likes it though ;)

I’d stored Clover Lucky, the indomitable ’83 VW Westfalia that took me to Mexico & back twice in the past 5 years, plus acted as the reliable daily driver when our winter beater aka Lucky 8 Ball (’98 Pathfinder) was having some mystery mechanical issues, which have seemed to resolve themselves after a year or so parked. Clover has been stored at my folks’ place under a big cedar tree for the last 18 months or so, and started like a charm when we pulled her out a few days ago. The considerable clean-up job is done, she’s been checked & deemed mechanically sound, and she’s all packed & ready to go tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow I officially move back into my van: a 41 year-old woman with a 2 year-old kid & a puppy. My sig. other has been living out of the Pathfinder for a couple of months now, so we are a kick-ass team of vehicle-dwelling banditos ready to take on the world.

And you know what? I could not be happier.

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