Why travelling the world is so important ?

Everything’s journey, everything is quest," said to me in California, my old American friend Henry Miller, "Tropic of Cancer" author, a writer who seems a spiritual ancestor of this young author. But we are rarely aware of the meaning of the objectives we are pursuing before finally reach those. The author of "Beyond my little bike", however, seems gifted me a remarkable capacity, as Henry Miller, to locate squarely in every place where he is located. And when I got end his book, I had the conviction that his readers might, too, be seized by self-discovery that seems to me the heart of this modern odyssey. Well, have I thought, the "Golden Fleece" Nicola Nortier find at the end. There’s a moment, we must leave, engage in the unknown, drop small bikes. To find anything in these elsewhere that call us like sirens? To find us. Ourselves. Let’s go! On the way !
Bertrand Mathieu
Professor of American literature at Yale University
Specialist Thoreau, Melville, EMERSON HART CRANE, HENRY MILLER and Arthur Rimbaud