Why use a publisher at all then?

Well, there are pros and cons to both. I have self-published and published books and had varying degrees of success across the range. It’s hard to directly compare as they are in very different markets/genres.

In this case, I wanted to be published because there is still that “fairy dust aura” to getting that acceptance. And I had high hopes as it was a newimprint of a biggie. With the first book, they had a marketing clout I could never have achieved alone. They didn’t then put the necessary resources into following through on that initial work though, and I had a two-book deal so no real choice over writing a second book. It had become obvious to me by then that they were unlikely to really invest in it, though. Also, they did get me two foreign rights deals, one with an advance, one without, which I could not have got alone I don’t think. (I didn’t include that in the per book amount as it is not sales.) Would I give them another book? No, or not unless I had much more in the way of guarantees about strategy. Would I look for a publisher for another book? Depends on which market and what deal was on offer. Since these erotica books, I have self-published and published a few titles in the ELT sector and a romance. Which arrangement suited which project was something a lot clearer to me after all this!

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