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As a member of the API Support Team at Dailymotion, I’m in charge of ensuring that each and every one of our Partners finds their way through our documentation and manages to create great video applications using our technology. Here are 3 quotes that inspires me to meet the requirements of our Premium API Support.

Because we consider our APIs as products at Dailymotion, we are committed to care about those who use them. The following quotes illustrate the support best practices I’m trying to implement every day when dealing with multiple API Support requests.

“I know that I know nothing”, Socrates

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I truly believe that this quote should be the first commandement of every support team. It reminds me that I should never rely on assumptions. As you may know, Dailymotion is a fully API-centric company, and this means that a lot of different teams are using — and therefore — improving our APIs every single day. So, even if I master most of the aspects of our APIs, I have to factor in that I could possibly miss something. That’s why I always double check my information before giving any answer to our Partners. Let’s look at a concrete example. …


Nicolas FERRON

API Support Engineer

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