Walking Meetings

Nicolás Alliaume
Dec 31, 2015 · 1 min read

Some time ago (I don’t remember now when it was exactly) Rafa (my partner @ ON Lab) and I started to do this thing called “Walking Meeting”. We’re Spanish speakers, but we actually called them walking meetings in english.

The concept is very simple: have a meeting while taking a walk. We usually do it around our Lab at Montevideo (located at Sinergia Cowork), and we take as much time as we need (usually we don’t need more than 30 minutes).

We like this meeting style because it really helps us exchange opinions when we are on a different environment than the one we work all day long. It also helps us empty our minds, change the air on out lungs, do some exercise, and avoid being sat down at all times.

One thing walking meetings surprisingly did for us is telling us how much time we spend discussing things we didn’t care about, or didn’t deserve our time. We measure this in street blocks. If we walk many blocks and we keep discussing the same useless matter, we know we need to change subject. Its a very visual measure of the time we are spending on each topic, and this help us focus.

I strongly recommend you to suggest to your partner(s), co-worker(s), or even a client, taking a walk and do a walking meeting. You’ll see how productive they can be and how good you feel afterwards.

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