Business opportunity qualification process

How many times did you asked yourself :

“How come I’ve invested in that company?”

“How much time and money did I loose?”

If you’d had known the result, would you have taken the same decision at the beginning?

As today, I haven’t found anybody that can predict the future looking though a crystal ball.

Which factors have you analysed to base your decision to jump in the adventure? Great product? Great team? Amazing market to acquire? Revenue streams?

Was that enough?

When the curtain has fallen, after many hard-working months or years, how do you get out of this…

You should validate your market before starting to build a product or service.


I’ve said it.

One of the biggest banality ever.

But it will surprise you how many companies dive headfirst into developing an MVP or a new market before validating the idea they have.

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a corporation, validating a product idea should be of the utmost importance before disembarking in a target market.

The goal is different, of course, while startups want to build their MVP, SMEs and Large Enterprises want to see if their product would be a…

In my previous article, I talked about the importance of having a business development plan, and I gave a few tips on how to build one to fit your business model.

Now let’s discuss the next steps.

After having built and implemented your sales cycle, you will need to keep into consideration an important metric: the CAC, also known as customer acquisition cost.

The cost of acquiring a new customer makes or brakes the future of any company with any product or service (be it Saas or retail) and of any size (startup to Fortune500).

Before diving in ways that…

Let me start by stating the obvious: you need to have a business development strategy in place to achieve your goals and grow your business.

And that’s that.

It will surprise you how many companies have no business plan but they “go with the flow.”

Their stories are pretty much the same.

The founders started the company with already some clients that needed their product or service. Then those initial clients referred more clients. So the company grew. The management team hired more people to withstand the workload and so on.

But there is no long-term vision.

There is no…

Nicolas Belisle

Digital transformation | Social Influence | Sales Revolution | Scalability | Behavioral Economics | Tech & Innovation

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