Pele Francis Is Changing the Way Young People Create Businesses

While many people dream of becoming successful and achieving financial independence, too many dismiss that dream as too hard or unattainable. Like many of these people, Pele Francis used to work 60 hours per week. He had an average job that paid him an average salary, at best. However, he knew that there was more to life and he did not stop until he figured out the way to get there.

Today, Francis is a successful business owner who makes upwards of $20,000 in less than five hours of work per week. What’s his secret? Pele refused to live according to the status quo and wasn’t afraid to defy the rules.

He found his calling in digital marketing and e-commerce after seeing an opportunity just at the start of this global movement. In 2017, Francis began his research into the industry, and he spent 11 months trying to make it on his own without a mentor. His efforts were extremely productive and he managed to build a unique sales funnel that he later capitalized on.

Recalling his first major day of profit, November 21, 2017, Pele activated his sales funnel and went from earning $200 a day to a whopping $1100 in that same afternoon. Astounded with the results, Francis knew that he was on the right track.

The very next day, he took the plunge: Pele called his job and quit on the spot. He dedicated himself to online work and achieved location independence, being able to do business from anywhere in the world, as long as he had a laptop.

Francis spent the next two years running businesses and sharing his expert advice. He was in charge of multiple e-commerce companies that earned $4,000,000. As a mentor and a teacher, Pele has helped over 20 people quit their jobs and pursue their dreams of wealth and freedom.

“This is what fulfills me,” he shares, explaining that he finds a lot of passion and joy in his mentoring work. In 2020, Pele created his own course called The E-commerce Mastermind that teaches his precise methods. To date, he has over 250 students eager to learn his techniques. Pele is a firm believer in the new trend of learning from experience. “Why go to a university, when you can learn from your mentors hands-on?” he questions, citing Tesla as a wonderful example of a company where people learn on the job and achieve amazing results.

Francis is so passionate about e-commerce because the industry truly gives anyone the opportunity to succeed. “See, with e-commerce, you don’t have to put a ton of money down to get started. You can have a fully operational business quickly, in a matter of two to three weeks. Some have built empires with a total investment of $200,” he shares.

Pele’s newest business is focused on social media. “The new company that I started is called IG Mastery Pro. In this course, I’ll be teaching people how to monetize their social media accounts and presence.” The program is poised to be a huge hit as Francis’ followers are eagerly awaiting to sign up.

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Nicolas Bueno is the Content Manager at HighKey Agency.