WWDC 18 : A late feedback

Hello everybody,

In this post I’ll share with you my experience and my memories from the WWDC 18.

San Jose

This year’s WWDC took place in San Jose (CA), the capital of Silicon Valley, from June 4th to June 8th. San Jose, is not the best city in California, a lot of homeless people walk around the streets, and as I booked my hotels at the last minute I had to book a motel, near the airport, I can tell you, I was really scared sleeping in that room, knowing that someone could break-in at any moment, and that I had all my electronic stuff inside .. But the convention center is really nice and downtown is peaceful.

Security @ WWDC 18


This is not the most thrilling part of the dub-dub, but it’s definitely the one that gets you in the mood. I did mine on Sunday, the day before the official start of the event. Every staff member was present in order to welcome us. The check-in is a normal check-in, nothing particular about it, the things that impressed me the most is the energy staff members had. They were always happy, smiling and helping, coming from France I assure you this is special.

At the end you leave the Convention Center with a beautiful orange badge with you name and you company name on it. A set of random emoji pins, plus the flag emoji of your home country. Also, as usual, a gift from Apple, this year’s gift was a black Levi’s jacket with a WWDC pin on it. As a goodie fanatic I really enjoyed it.


I attended a lot of conferences through the entire week. As, this is the whole point of going to San Jose for an entire week.

The conference are really interesting, from the first keynote on Monday, to the last one on Friday, every talk is different. Sure, you can watch them online but you don’t have the chance to talk to the speakers right after the conference ends, you don’t have the chance to talk to other developers or engineers from Apple.

Here is my top 5 :

  1. Best Practices and What’s New with In-App Purchases
  2. Engineering Subscriptions
  3. The Qualities of Great Design
  4. A Tour of UICollectionView
  5. What’s New in Testing

Though, my top 5 is a bit biased, as I was really looking for the IAP talks as it’s a challenge in most paid apps.

Also, we can talk to Apple engineers during the Labs. This is one of the thing you cannot do from your home, and it’s totally worth the price of the ticket. I was guided through all of the In-App Purchases process with a expert as the engineer I talked to was working on a daily basis on the In-App Purchases system.

The Frenchies @ WWDC 18


I met a lot of people in San Jose, mostly French as we already were messaging each others through a Frenchy Slack created for the occasion ! But I had the chance to talk to a lot of people from different nationalities. For me, this is the most interesting part of the WWDC, the chance to meet different people from various universes, from developers working at Snap, to designers working in Australia, a whole new universe opened over there, though I learned about other companies, I also learned a lot about myself.


Maybe this isn’t professional enough, but this is through parties and drink that I met most of the people I talk with ! The main party was on the Thursday, a concert was given just 2 blocks away from the convention center. Craig Federighi was the first on stage, talking about the announcement Apple made through the week, then Party at the Disco! took the stage for an hour. That was really fun, we could play ping-pong, air hockey, baby-foot …


It was a chance and a pleasure to go to San Jose to attend to the WWDC 2018. I learned a lot of things thanks to the Apple engineers, thanks to the talk. I discovered new development techniques, new productivity hacks. And, I had the chance to spend a week in California surrounded by iOS developers. This was an inspiring event, and I hope I’ll be back next year !

Finally I’d like to thank RogerVoice who gave me the chance to attend to this WWDC. I’ll never forget it.