This Is How Your Life Falls Apart

Most people’s lives don’t derail because of a single moment.

But we imagine that’s how it goes because those are the moments that get sensationalized in movies, books, plays, musicals, music, and pop culture.

It’s very dramatic to see someone living a normal life — and then all of a sudden decide to murder their neighbor, or overdose, or cheat on their spouse, or rob a liquor store, or do something that can cause catastrophic consequences.

However, those are not the majority.

Not by a long shot.

Most people’s lives derail in a slow, torturous sort of way.

Their habits begin to wither. They start choosing what’s easy instead of what’s going to help them grow.

The dynamic of their friendships flip. Instead of looking for ways to support others, they only focus on the ways others aren’t supporting them. (Takinginstead of giving.)

They no longer invest their time into things they’re curious about, or want to get better at. Instead, they spend their time consuming — rather than building or creating.

Little things in their lives begin to shift.

And at the time, these choices inconsequential.

They seem so small, so meaningless, that no one ever stops to wonder what the long-term consequences will be.

And then 20 years later, they suddenly wake up feeling an immense amount of regret.

They didn’t pursue what they really loved in life.

They didn’t end up with someone they were madly in love with — they settled.

They didn’t ever live in another country, didn’t live somewhere they had always wanted to experience.

They didn’t pursue any of their passions. They never improved at the things they said they loved.

They didn’t maintain a sense of child-like wonder. They didn’t push themselves out of their comfort zone enough. They didn’t ever find their community of like-minded people.

They didn’t grow into the person they imagined they could become.

That’s a very difficult realization to come to later in life.

And most people don’t know how to deal with it.

They feel regret. They feel shame. They feel disappointment. Depression. Worthlessness.

They feel purposeless. They feel as though they’ve wasted their life.

And the hardest part about it?

There’s no “single moment” you can point to.
There’s no one-defining-moment. There’s no big bang when it all went combust.

It was a slow, torturous burn.

And it’s more common than most people are willing to admit.

Thanks for reading! :)

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