Summer Is The Perfect Time To Go After Your Goals. Here’s Why

When most people think of summer, they think of music festivals and BYOB picnics.

They think of ice cream and long walks along the lake.

They think of relaxing on a pool raft.

Do you know what I think of?

I think of mornings as a fifteen year old where I would wake up at 5:00 a.m., so that I could get an early start grinding Battlegrounds in the World of Warcraft.

I think of afternoons my dad, waving from the backyard, would call me out to help him weed the garden — and through the window, with my headset around my ears, I would shake my head, “No way.”

I think of evenings with warm Chinese leftovers on a plate beside my computer, some of the noodles falling on my lap while I quickly shoveled bites between pulls during a raid with 40 other people.

I think of chasing my dream to become one of the highest ranked World of Warcraft players in North America.

Summer, for me, is a time to set goals — and work tirelessly toward them.

When you’re young, trust me, summer is the greatest gift.

It’s the gift of time.

You have the time to explore your interests. You have time to imagine, to create, and to stay up until 4:00 a.m. without consequence. You have time to immerse yourself in another world — whether that’s a video game, music, sports, writing, art, knitting, or anything else. You have time to invest in yourself.

As people get older, and especially once the concept of summer starts to fade, time is no longer a luxury. Instead, it becomes something you have to work for. You have to protect your time (from your schedule, and the people around you). You have to carve it out, and put it to good use — otherwise days will blur past you.

Summer is only boring for people who don’t have their sights set on anything.

Once May hits, that’s when I start to think about what I want to accomplish over the next 3–4 months.

I start to remind myself of how summer felt as a teenager, when time was at my disposal. I try to see the world through the eyes of my younger self, and let my imagination run wild. I ask myself who I want to be, what I want to see myself do, and what is still out there for me to discover.

You should too.