Poisoned Beast

The roar of a lion
Shakes the house.
Father’s home.

Boy scurries
To his room.
Halls silent,
Save the footsteps
Of a beast.

Pots and Pans
Clanking away.
Mother’s in the kitchen.
A towering silhouette
Appears in the doorway.
Mother stops, stares,
“Hello dear” is all she could muster.
The figure’s reply was
Marked with the stench
Of an all too familiar poison.

Thunder claps,
Lights go out.
A man once,
Is a man no longer.
Poisoned beast attacks once more.
Leaving bruises, and scars.
Forever torn.

Soft footsteps,
Stairs creek.
Sweet voice pierces the night.
“Mother I’m scared.”

Father turns.
Boy bewildered,
Backing away

Too late.

He cries.
Struggling to traverse
The maze of empty bottles.
Tripping and tumbling,
Suddenly unable to breathe.
A man once
Known to be his father,
Is a father no longer.

The hunt has yet to end.
Only one prey left.

No hope for survival,
No reason to hide.

She was easy to find.

The defeated woman lay motionless.
No screams escaped,
No cries for help,
Only but a tear to stain her resting place.

Footsteps turn the corner.
This is it.
She reaches forward.
Faster they come.
She draws her weapon.
She aims
Too late.
And fires.

Finally free.