A life Changing 7 weeks at Draper University

Are you thinking about attending Draper University ? Here’s a very short story to explain everything.

My Name is Nicolas El Mir and Im from Lebanon, I crowdfunded my way to attend Draper University so I can discover silicon valley and learn the mindset !

I Started my career at the age of 9 while building windows desktop apps and joined Microsoft at 12 as a Student Partner. I learned a lot but then I switched to Front-end development for Web & Mobile. I founded 2 startups and now Im 16 , working with my awesome friend Juan on something Cool !

I attended the 7 weeks program where me and my team encountered the most weird and funniest experience in our lives. We started on the 26 of September by meeting with Tim Draper to divide the Teams and discover the campus.

We were 44 Heroes from all around the world , 8 Teams and each one have it own theme.

My Team “Titans”

First, I wasn’t comfortable with my people, we all had different ideas, different thinking and different cultures but with time everything changed. We started helping each others , hustle together and learned a lot from everyone. When I talked with each person I discovered how thankful I am by having them.

We all lived in the campus , its an old hotel in San Mateo bought by Tim Draper and transformed to one of the most comfortable places I ever seen in my life , it was really designed for Heroes … let’s explore it together !

The Egg Room:

Is our classroom , where we have announcements each morning , pitch practices and meet with the speakers.

The speakers are all Entrepreneurs , innovators , investors and great people from different industries, they taught us how they did it in silicon valley with a lot of rich advices.

This room have the most comfortable bubble seats ever, and a lot of people make it their bedroom or a work place.

The Great Room

This place is connected to everything , the egg room , the dorms , the backyard … Where we do workshops , meet speakers and sometimes to party. There is a PingPong table where we do epic tournaments each day !

ASU Faculty Dan Mazolla teaching Web and Mobile Development

Had a lot of interesting workshops from programing to prototyping. We also have access to bikes if you want to use it to go somewhere … I always go to bike adventures with my friend Prahalad and I suggest you to visit the beach its a very beautiful place.

I don’t have a lot to talk about the Breakfast Room cause its where we eat :)

The Dorms

The Dorms , are perfect for 7 weeks. We have 2 beds , 2 desks a bathroom and a 2 wardrobes. For me and my roommate. We have a little fridge too, where we bought milk and cereals to survive ! I suggest to get fruits from the store next door.

For your laundry, we have a room with washing and drying machines, the best time to do it is at night.

The Backyard

A pool, BB’k and California’s sun all you need in one place to relax. You can always find me and Prahalad Jumping in the pool in our free times … I love this place.

Its a really comfortable campus, what I liked the most is the Gym, We have two rooms one for cardio and one for weight with all the basic materials you need, you can always find gyms around the campus.

Everything in one place !!

Food Advices

In the morning , coffee is served at 9 am, we always buy some milk and cereals for the breakfast me and Santosh ( my roommate). You can find a lot of coffee shops and grocery stores near the campus and make sure you eat a lot of fruits.

Lunch is served by draper at 12, sometimes its burgers , sometime Chinese … its always different and don’t worry if you’re vegetarian everything is fine for you.

Dinner is on your own, there is a lot of restaurants nearby and Draper give some discounts in the guidebook … Its better with friends.

Tim ^^

Tim is a very Energetic Man he’s always ready to help us with any question and hi’s very helpful to all of us. I love his personality and wish all the investors to be like him … He love Virtual reality and Blockchain so you might get invested if you’re in these industries. Andy is Tim’s partner he have a huge experience in early stage startups and his mentoring me !!

Pitch Day (THE END)

At the end of the program, we all need to Pitch our idea that we worked on all this 7 weeks to investors and maybe someone will be interested to fund it. In the program we will be working a lot on our Pitching skills and decks with the best mentors and practice a lot.

Me pitching

I learned a lot at Draper University , I discovered a lot about myself and the incredible thing that I can do. Im a better leader today and ready for a way bigger Experience. Now I came back to Lebanon living the same life again but Im thinking to move to California very soon 😉.

Let me know if you have a question in the comments !!

I wanted to thanks everyone who believed in me and all of my crowdfunding campaign supporters , you guys rock !

Big Thanks to Eli & Juan for Helping edit this post.