The right way to start a company
Sam Gerstenzang

Best article about startup reality I’ve read in a long time. Everyone keep screaming “follow your dream” “be more like those founders that are making the world a better place” “you will raise money if your product really makes a difference”. But in reality, it’s more like what you just wrote Sam Gerstenzang . It’s hard to find an idea, it’s hard to validate it, it’s hard to stay in an area that you feel passionate about when you see potential in other fields. In the end, it’s probably more about doing baby steps again and again until something really gets traction. But the reality is that it’s very hard to be a founder, and even harder to be good at it. From what I’ve read from you, you really strike me as a good leader with a real and honest introspective quality. Looking forward to what will come next. ☺