Self-taught -> JOB?

Something I’m really proud to announce and my primary reason for doing this again:

  • First Developer Position!

I’ve been lucky enough to receive my first position developing for Useful Labs Inc. as a Consultant! Essentially, I’m working mainly in Reactjs and React-Native environments to help develop the app/webpage “Query”. The main idea is one that pertained to me personally, and the three founders were all initially and still are very welcoming.

Firstly, as I’ve heard many junior developers experience, I had plenty of initial issues getting used to the overall codebase as well as the development environment. Up to this point I primarily worked with a Windows/Ubuntu OS scheme, however, xcode is a necessary part of building in react-native on ios (where the app is built atm) so I had to emulate Sierra OS 10.11. On its own this had several issues (initially ran Sierra which didn’t have the latest version of xcode), however it grew on me rather quickly. Switching back and forth I found the navigation of the cli much more powerful on a unix unit and much more compatible. Then I had to get used to the xcode environment which while the hot reloading of react-native helped, I wasn’t familiar with the errors provided in the debugger. 
While that pertains to mobile/react-native development which I wasn’t as familiar with, I’ve been primarily working on the webpage itself which has been much easier to set up. I’m happily working in React, however its much different working with an established codebase. Much of it is developed and you have to get used to the particulars of the original developers. Either way, I’ve been learning much more about React and Web development in general. Additionally, I’ve learned how to work for instance, with our designer to provide different outcomes.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I have this opportunity and would like to specifically thank Joseph, Mike, and Gentian. Even though this is just a start, this kind of break through has sort of validated my self-taught experience a bit. They’ve been open, kind, and very helpful in every step of the process.

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