Solve the Facebook Organic Reach Problem by Using Messenger Instead

Facebook is moving non-promoted posts out of news feed. The experiment rekindles the problem of Facebook’s decreasing organic reach.

Nicolas Le Roux
Oct 24, 2017 · 2 min read
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Interactions on 60 biggest Slovak media Facebook pages. Facebook is testing Explore Feed since Thursday. Source: CrowdTangle.

A terrible news for all publishers burst on October 21st, Facebook is testing radically different Explore Feed in six countries according to this Medium story.

It’s not new Facebook wants to increase the number of paying posts by promoting them in our feed at the expense of a lower organic reach. Albeit Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed, said “we currently have no plans to roll this test out further”, this could lead to a huge drop in organic reach and engagement in the future.

Several big Media companies already diversified their acquisition channels in order to reduce their dependency to the Facebook news feed and you should do the same!

Content promotion is moving to messaging apps

If Facebook is ditching the news feed as a free marketing channel, the company is at the same time encouraging interactions right into Facebook Messenger, gathering 1.3B users.

I am convinced that the future of content promotion lies into Messaging apps instead of news feeds. The main reason is people want handpicked content tailored for them. They also prefer a personalized interaction with a brand instead of just receiving tons of articles and videos in a feed.

That’s why I created Botletter, a service allowing you to send newsletters right into Messenger just like Mailchimp does with emails.

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Example of a message you can send with Botletter

With Botletter, people can subscribe to your Facebook Messenger newsletter in order to receive personal updates just like when a friend sends them a message. Messenger seems way more interesting to reach people as we have seen an average open-rate of 80% with Botletter.

In a nutshell, don’t wait for Facebook to kill the News Feed, start building an audience on Messenger and promote your content there instead!

I’m the founder of Botletter, do not hesitate to ask me any question. You can also share this story if you liked it ;)

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