In this guide, I will show you how to install an SSL certificate on your server through Cpanel using Godaddy. Since we are using Cpanel, the process is similar for other hosting providers.

Steps to install an SSL certificate on Godaddy through Cpanel

There are several websites where you can purchase an SSL certificate, for this tutorial we will be using You can get a basic SSL certificate for as low as $5/year.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose PositiveSSL, at checkout enter the certificate duration and complete purchase.
  3. Once payment is completed, click Activate at the bottom as shown below:

This tutorial will illustrate how to create a very simple JavaScript widget for people to embed on their websites using Ruby on Rails.

We’ll be creating a JavaScript countdown timer so that users can embed it into any website. Let’s get started!

Create a new rails application:

rails new countdown

Cd into the newly created application:

cd countdown

Next, let’s create a Counter scaffold:

rails generate scaffold Counter end_date:datetime text:string

Run migration:

rails db:migrate

Edit routes.rb and setroot to counters#index:

# config/routes.rbRails.application.routes.draw do
resources :counters
root “counters#index”

Run your server rails s and go to http://localhost:3000/and create a…

In this tutorial, we will go step by step in developing a very simple android and ios app using Flutter. The result, an app that displays an existing website using WebViews. Let's get started!

  1. Start a new Android Studio project by clicking Start a new Flutter project

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