after about a year on a random occasion
I don’t think there’s a definite recipe to get over the loss of a loved one.
Igor Kushnir

Do you think this situation can happen again?

If yes, I would recommend you to close you eyes.

Close your eyes and imagine your grand father, feel him, hear him, seem him…

Whatever that is for you.

Imagine him somewhere you love.

At home, at the beach, in a forest or library. Imagine anything but imagine it is good, it is nice, imagine something beautiful, comfortable and where there is happiness.

Look at him smile at you, hear him laughing, feel his arms around your head.

Talk to him, tell him everything you want him to hear. Listen what you think he has to say.

Take your time. Don’t rush it.

Cry, laugh whatever you feel like.

Once you start feeling relieved.

Put your hands on his shoulders and turn him around and let him walk away.

Remember, you not letting him go forever.

You can do that anytime you feel like.

Whenever you feel like.

Just don’t let him come without you inviting him prior to this.

Hope it helps.

Talks to me anytime if you feel you need someone to talk/write to.

With love

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