The systems thinking blindspot of Reinventing Organizations fans
Tom Nixon

I agree with you on a theoretical level (and with Donella Meadows of course). But when it comes to practice, managers are just ordinary people who struggle with paradigms and changing them. Most of them are at an orange level. Taking them to green first is a challenge in itself. Then moving them to teal is another challenge, but only for when they’ve digested green. And only when they’ve digested teal as well can we envision dropping or transcending paradigms altogether.

And… this can only happen if the consultants transcended paradigms themselves ☺

So yes, Meadow’s ultimate leverage principle might be the best but 1) it’s only one of 12 others (even if the more powerful) 2) people must be mature enough to grab and use it (both consultants and clients).

Until then… go for Teal. Or maybe just go for green as a starter…