The Wisdom and Folly of Systems Thinking
Michelle Holliday

Interesting and I follow you on your analysis.

I think the original author somehow sticks to a mechanistic view of organizations, whereas you are clearly in a post-modern stance. Should I speak Spiral Dynamics or Reinventing Organizations (F. Laloux), I’d say the author probably is Amber (maybe Green) while you’re already Teal.

You see organizations as living entities, with living people inside (the kind with a heart, not just a head with hands ;) not machines with cogs.

I feel the world is slowly turning from Amber to Green, meaning it will slowly move from a purely mechanistic view of orgs to one where the cogs have hearts and need to be happy to function properly.

Laloux’s teaching is that you can’t jump over one level (eg from Amber straight to Teal). And that an org can’t go one level further than that of it’s leader.

Also, it’s not just the organization on its own (as a separate entity as Brian Robertson from Holacracy would put it), it’s also related to people inside it and their own consciousness level. The org and its people both co-evolve at the same time. Who’s making the first move is hard to tell and it depends on the rest of the world as well (the org’s environment, which is, also, that of its people). The orgs, the people in the orgs, and the environment in between… all of that coevolve.

So we should let time to time for people and orgs to evolve, yet, if nobody’s showing a (better) way, it might take longer for the laggards to change.

Life’s so frustrating at The Next Edge, sometimes ;-)