Don’t overplan your career.
Alex Taussig

What is the right level of detail in life planning? For short, medium, or the long term, would they be time parameters or sequential goals? Planning your future is a good exercise and, I would advocate, a necessity. I have enjoyed some fantastic opportunities that just came along, but certainly wouldn’t have happened if I were spending all day reading in a park. Planning, as precisely as possible, to put yourself in the position to encounter opportunity is the limit of optimal planning. I hear tons of 20/20 hindsights saying "make sure you’re in a nascent industry of high growth..." or "hone skills that are in demand, where you’ll stand out..." and I feel that advice is barely a place to start. I strongly believe in starting with those baselines, assessing yourself, skills and resources, and then making decisions to enhance your odds proactively and be more intentional about creating your own luck.