Four Letter Word: It’s A Verb. Not Just A Word.

Love. They say, it is what it is but do they really know what’s the deeper meaning of this? They say, you’ll know when it’s there but when is the right time to look where. This topic is something that has been talked about ages ago and no one gets out of this feeling sober. Not even one. No one could tell how not to be hurt when love arises. I’ve seen so many people fought hard for it (Puppy love counts!), to the point that they gave what they can and have to give and they still lose. But there are also others called “The Lucky Ones” , they are the ones who may be not sober and might be addicted to love, but they have someone who blends on their jam. Same with them, drunk in love.

It is someone who will take you to Nirvana but may also take you to Pandemonium… All at the same time.

Love is something that my parents may have figured it all out but before they did, they may have experienced lots and lots of heartaches and late night thinking. I grew up in a family where my Dad loves my Mom very dearly and this love is reciprocated. You got it right, they belong to The Lucky Ones. I look up to them when it comes to their partnership not only in marriage but also in their partnership in business and children handling. As what I can see, they respect each other even though their perspective about things are totally different. Clearly, they are two different people and this proves that even they have been together for almost 25 years, conflicts are still present. When I was a kid, it’s strange for me that I never heard them utter the words “I love you” (not even to us) or even kissed in front of us but I know and I feel that they love each other. I remember, my Daddy would surprise my Mom a bunch of roses to be placed in the bed while Mama was taking a bath, or Mama would cook for Daddy his requested meal on a Sunday afternoon even though she is tired from tutoring her kids or Daddy would make all our props for the upcoming speech contests ahead of time so that Mama would have an ample time to teach us to win the said contests or Daddy will drive approx. 6–8 hours going to Mama’s hometown to spend the holidays or Mama bought Daddy 5 pairs of pants and a rubbershoes when she saw Daddy’s wardrobe were almost worn out or

When their tire business was still a newbie, their total earning for the day was P50. I remember it clearly when Daddy surrendered all the money to Mama and they just both laugh it off instead of being sad about it. But they promised to each other that they will take care and nurture it like their own child as they are betting their life on it that it will be succesful. True enough, it prospered because of their confidence and trust to each other. Sure, they may have shitty days or resenting each other at times, but what prevails is their love for each other that is tested through time.

Now that I am married, I would want to apply this to my own life. My husband and I are different from my parent’s approach but I am wanting the same result: finding a friend, a security blanket and a home all in one person. It’s a long drive and I hope and I pray to God everyday that we can make it as well. It is one of my life’s greatest goal that needs teamwork, perseverance and faith. Personally, this is the highest achievement a person can have and unfortunately, the most complex of all on top of everything else.

I wouldn’t want to brag a blissful marriage just like everybody else as seen on social media sites when in reality their marriage with their respective spouses were awful and it’s already in the brink of the bridge.

I would like my child to witness real love through us, her parents. So that one day, she will be able to give love to others, not just through words but more on actions.

Love is something applied after it has been said. Some may take forever to figure everything out and Forever is a long time that ain’t enough to love someone so hard for you to let go.