I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

  1. It is not silencing when you ate called transphobic. It is you being challenged for your transphobic world view. It is extremely typical of people who are white to demand the right to treat people like shit and not be called out for it or else they cry that they are being silenced and oppressed. If you insist on treating people according to their chromosomes or assigned at birth identity, you have chosen to privilege cis people and you are transphobic
  2. Your assumption that all ciswomen are more like each other than all transwomen is bullshit. You know nothing of what its like to be a woman in the third world and your gender essentialist view of a common womanhood is a tactic white (typically middle class+) women have used to absorb the suffering of people of color into their own narrative without having to acknowledge their own complicity in white supremacy
  3. You are not a feminist. Feminism is a worldview that seeks equality and knows that to achieve that we must overcome the sexist oppression of women. You however are using the movement to fight sexist oppression to advance yourself as a cis and white woman. You are thus a white ciswoman chauvinist
  4. I agree that the discussion needs to have more nuance than “all cis and transwomen are the same.” Your article is not nuanced; it is simplistic and bigoted. You claim that you wanted it to be polarizing in one of your comments. (Which to me also shows how stupid the claim that you are being silenced is--people who are genuinely being silenced dont usually get to scream about it.) So basically youve chosen to over generalize in order to oppress a community thats already marginalized. (Happy pride by the way.)
  5. Nothing you have said here challenges patriarchy in any way. In fact it reinforces sexist assumptions about women, cis and trans. Yes you deserve a world where you are not abused for being a woman. But abusing trans women is not the route to that world
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