The best practice to learn Chinese characters

The Chinese characters decomposition is the shortest way to memorize Chinese characters.

For example: radicals 冂 jiōng down box, 一 yī one, 二 èr two, 三 sān three in their combinations can make the following characters.

冂 jiōng down box and 一 yī one make 口 kǒu mouth and 囗 wéi enclosure

冂 jiōng down box and 二 èr two make 曰 yuē say and 日 rì sun

冂 jiōng down box and 三 sān three make 目 mù eye, 且 qiě even and 旦 dàn dawn.

More information about the Chinese characters decomposition you can find on Polina Shinkina’s Author Spotlight page