Pumping & Getting Sh*t Done

It’s not glamorous. Every day, a couple times a day, I have to take 45 mins away from work to go and pump out breastmilk. (Thank you @wework for making it a little more comfortable.)

Sometimes I try to ignore it as long as I can to just get one more email out, or one more strategy doc finished until I can’t wait anymore (ladies know what I mean). Millions of women across the U.S. deal with this every day — not because they want to but because they were created that way.

It’s these little hurdles that are unique to women in the workplace that they must overcome to achieve a level playing field as their male counterparts. We have to schedule meetings around these breaks, meticulously plan work trips or take ourselves out of the workforce altogether because when we do the mental calculation of what we’re paid vs the cost of childcare, simple math wins over the longterm planning of a career.

Some women make that choice happily which is still an incredible sacrifice. But many women don’t have that option and scrape by with favors for inexpensive childcare or without that option at all, staying out of the workforce because they need the support of our federal government.

Women face all these hurdles and still get shit done without complaining. I am incredibly lucky and privileged in that I have options and can afford wonderful childcare for my two children while my husband and I work. But we won’t realize the full potential of women until we all have these same options and recognize the accomplishments of women while facing these hurdles.

This is why I advocate so hard for women’s economic equality through family planning access, equal pay and electing female politicians. One day I may not be so lucky and I hope others will step in to support me then too.

Use your voice and tell your senators to vote NO on Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court: https://p2a.co/k0uSQNf

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