10 Hrs of No Technology!

September 3, 2017 12:00pm — 0 hrs in
 I gave my phone and my laptop to my brother. I think I can do this. After that I just stayed in bed for half an hour, staring at the ceiling. Once I got tired of that, I decided to clean my room. I never thought I had so much money laying around. Once I finished cleaning my room, I started to clean the bathroom. Then the kitchen, then the living room…

2:00 pm — 2 hrs in
My mom didn’t come home later, and so when she did, she was surprised that the house was clean. At first, she thought my brother did it, but she noticed he was playing PS4, so that was fun seeing him get busted. That was one of the most entertaining things that I saw today…

4:00 pm — 4 hrs in
I stayed in bed again, since I had nothing to do. But once I remembered that I had to finish my one pager, I got up and rushed to finish it. But then I remembered that I had nothing else to do, so I took my time on it. It took me an hour to finish it, but I was glad I finished it in a few hours because if I had my phone with me, it would have taken more time since I would get distracted easily. In the end, though, my one pager turned out great, I was proud of myself.

6:00– 6 hrs in
At first, there was nothing to do again… But when my dad told us that we were going to watch a movie, he told me to search up what time the “Birth of the Dragon” will start. I remembered that I was gonna snap because I didn’t have my phone, but I just told my brother to do it instead. Once he found out what time it was, I got annoyed because it would start at 7. Another waiting game.

8:00– 8 hrs in
The movie was actually good. I never knew anything about Bruce Lee, but it was interesting. I got really excited when it was filmed in San Francisco because it reminded me of my trip there in the summer. I loved the moral of the story, but by watching the movie made me conclude that Bruce Lee’s personality would irritate me… Normally I would research who the cast is, but it was tough that I didn’t this time. Instead, I told my cousin to do it.

10:00 pm–10 hrs in
So, let’s just say that 9hr period was annoying because once we finished talking about the movie, my dad told me to look where to eat and I couldn’t because I didn’t have my phone with me. So as usual, I told my brother to look for a place to eat. Once we got there the wait of the food took so long, and you know what everyone was doing? They were all on their phones, so there I was playing with the specks of water on the table…

Conclusion: At first, I thought I could do it so easily. But in the end it was pretty hard, I never realized that I needed my phone so much. Especially when I needed to look up different informations throughout the day… I should challenge my family members too. Let’s see how they’ll do.

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