3 Tools to Help You Get Organized in College

I don’t know about you, but the first year of college had been difficult for me. I guess everyone has their own pace of adapting to a new environment or a new life. For me, it took me some time to figure out how to do so. I wish there was someone to guide me through things and tell me what to do, but adult life isn’t like that. Here are some tools and resources that helped me big time in college, I hope you find them useful too!

1. Evernote
Evernote is a great tool for college students. I used Evernote to organize my notes and draft my term paper. For starters, you can create notebooks for each course and input your notes and anything related to the course inside. In that way, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Another great function of Evernote is that you can scan notes, handouts or book pages into a note just by using the Evernote smartphone app. You can write on the scanned note as well. All that makes jotting notes in lectures more convenient.

2. GistNote
GistNote is a Chrome extension that allows you to highlight points in articles and PDFs. The points you highlighted will be automatically stored so you can easily keep track of the sources you wanted to cite. This tool helps you manage your citation so well that you do not have to panic over losing them again. 
I discovered GistNote in my final year of college and all I wanted to say is “where have you been all this time?”. My usual practice of writing a paper is that I would first input all my findings and sources I wanted to cite in a Word file, then start to compose. However, cases of me forgetting to put down the citation happens a lot. It was very frustrating and time-wasting to search for the original source over again. With this tool, you don’t have to sweat over problems like this.

3. Bullet Journal
Have you ever find yourself caught up in a lot of to-dos? Do you always wanted to be organized but can’t find a way? If yes, bullet journal is the thing for you. I have always been a hardcore journaler, so when the idea of bullet journal popped up I was immediately intrigued. What’s so special about bullet journal is that it is a combination of a dairy, a to-do list, a planner, a notebook and all the things you want it to be.

Basically, you divide your bullet journal into daily log, monthly log, future log etc. The main idea is to keep everything simple and short in a bullet. You will create your own symbols for each index (one for to-do stuff, one for completed stuff and so on). I use a tiny circle for things I planned and a cross for completed events.

There’s actually a lot more to bullet journaling and I’m still discovering more possibilities.
Currently, I’ve got a:

  • Mental inventory for all my scattered thoughts
  • Bookshelf to record all the books I’ve read and those to put in my reading list
  • TV show tracker to help me track the episodes I’ve watched
  • Broadway show and concert tracker

Check the official tutorial here.

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