I’m a millennial and I’m tired of another article criticizing us

Since when did millennial became something with a negative meaning? Millennials are accused of many things- narcissistic, entitled, dependent on social media, lazy and so on. It’s so easy to assume and judge people that we often overlook what’s underneath the surface. Each generation has their problems and since when did millennial became the only group with those problems?

As most stereotypes, they are often not true and exaggerated. For me, I am a millennial but I’m not those things. I find it hard to identify as one.

Credit: TIME- “The Me Me Me Generation”

To start with,

1. I’m not lazy

I don’t believe in luck and I don’t believe people should have anything they want handed to them. If you want it, fight for it. Opportunities won’t come knocking at your door. Knock every damn door yourself and get yourself what you deserve.

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2. I’m not entitled

I don’t think anyone owes me anything. Millennials just want to be taken seriously. I get it, we’re young and you don’t think we could actually suggest anything constructive. That’s the problem. We should be taken seriously or at least given some attention.

3. I don’t need social media or a smartphone to prove my existence

I am not an avid user of social media. I don’t post photos on Instagram. I don’t share my whereabouts on Facebook. Social media is not a necessity to me. It’s true that many people feed on likes nowadays but not all people are keen on sharing.

4. I know what’s happening in the world

Ask millennials about pop culture they could go on and on for hours. Ask them about current world views and politics they might go silent. It’s definitely sad but many of my friends (mostly in their 20s) are similar. It’s not that they don’t care about the world but they just care more about other stuff.

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