Our Beating Hearts

It’s a long, long, long, long, long road. At minimum the effort that goes into surviving the 12,ooo mile round trip each day alone seems enough to defeat even the strongest of men. That’s like going from New York City to San Francisco twice in a day. We all go through it though. Women and children, strong and weak, black and white, catholic, jew, islam, old and infant, sick and healthy, rich and poor, givers and takers. The human heart beats approximately 140,000 times a DAY, almost 4.5 million times a month, and about 4.5 BILLION times in an average lifetime. It doesn’t discriminate. It pumps to circulate all that makes up our blood to the right spots so we can breathe, move, live, function….. and love. A beating heart is the first and the last sign of life.

Yes, the heart needs to have a sound structure to keep working, but it needs love above all else. Those four chambers in the heart fill up with, and push out blood non-stop, but there are an infinite number of chambers held in reserve for love. Love for a higher power, for friends, family, pets, and good memories. It’s the one most primal need other than food and shelter. All children need to be comforted with love and it plants a seed that will never be uprooted no matter who you are or what path you’ve taken. It gives us a need to feel that love again for the rest of our lives. The power of human touch is so strong that it could make the difference between someone feeling the will to fight and live, or giving up and dying. Having worked in a hospital for 13 years, I’ve seen countless husbands and wives die within three days of the other’s passing. A broken heart from a lost love is just sometimes to great. No love, no life.

There are almost 8 billion people on the planet and we are all as different as our fingerprints. Our hearts, though, all beat the same way and for the same reasons. To stay alive, strive, and find love where we can. If we are all reaching for the same goal, why fight? Why kill? If everyone could agree to disagree and try to understand we are all in need of the same primal things, the world would be an awesome place to live. So if you find yourself angered by someone or something that happened, remember their hearts beat the same as ours and we all need love.