Twitter like any other social media have policies and regulations that they work through and one of them being freedom of speech. In Foley’s case twitter ignored this rule and put peoples feeling before it.

Lot’s of people use twitter as a source for news,Twitter announced that they have taken down the video of Foley’s execution in respect to his loved ones and supporters. The video was so brutal and horrific that it was reasonable why supporters wanted this video gone in the first place. Furthermore, the removal of the video benefits those aiming to stop the influence and power of ISIS and supports the global war on terror

After Twitter broke its one rule by putting peoples feelings before other, Twitter ignored the right of freedom of speech, Those who shared the video on twitter lead to the ban of their accounts. In addition, after Twitter broke its one rule it also denied the choice for other users who wish to watch the video.

Twitter’s unprofessional behavior of taking down the video deciding on its own what its users may or may not watch and not allowing users to express they’re freedom of speech left twitter self-contradicting and ignoring its own arrangements and obligations. There was no reason for inequality between free speech and Foley’s supporters. Due to the videos graphic content such video cannot be forgotten, so removing the video did not change anything ISIS is still out there beheading people.